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MedWorks Consulting  

We know how to navigate the ever-changing healthcare marketplace. From private insurance to primary care to public health, MedWorks is a seasoned and trusted partner to help you address issues of quality, cost and outcomes.


  • Strategic Planning for Your Business Healthcare Needs
  • Business Plans and Product/Service Design
  • Marketplace Readiness and Competitive Assessments
  • Active Commercialization Efforts to Targeted Audiences
  • Plan Design and Negotiation
  • Grants and Partnership Strategies
  • Employer and Employee Healthcare Analysis
Business Planning

MedWorks helps you define your offering so you can build and/or identifies your key differentiators in the marketplace.

Benefit Plans


Few things are as complicated than plan design - but it doesn't need to be. MedWorks has been designing plans for the last 10 years during the most change in healthcare. Benefit Buyers. When your benefit design is not achieving your goals, MedWorks can help introduce effective change.



Everything comes down to adding value. MedWorks understands your clients' needs and demystifies the communication process by explaining your product's value to the buyer.

Interim Management


Sometimes it doesn't make sense to hire an employee to manage your health and wellness benefits. MedWorks can help you get started until you are ready for a full-time employee. Experienced leadership in a time of need can be essential. MedWorks provides interim experience when you need it the most.

Health & Wellness


Health and Wellness means different things to different organizations. MedWorks will work to help you define your offering or analyze the offerings of others.

Not-for-Profit Organizations


If you are seeking revenue streams that are not grant related to sustain your organization, MedWorks can help with strategy, business plans, and more.


Getting To Know MedWorks

Founded in 2002 by seasoned leaders in healthcare,  MedWorks has significant experience in all major areas of Healthcare Services.  Our broad perspective of the Healthcare Industry is our key differentiator, as many consultants narrowly focus on pharmaceutical marketing, employee benefit plans, population health initiatives, or specific subcategories like mental health or primary care.

We Believe in the “Triple Aim+”

Improved care quality

•Improved patient experience

•Reduced cost of care

•Plus, improved provider experience


These goals are over a decade old. How is the industry progressing?

Healthcare changes rapidly but the impact is often not aligned with the “Triple Aim+”

As a result, MedWorks supports iInnovators seeking to disrupt this complex marketplace.

  • Service or program developers seek MedWorks help to achieve broad marketplace adoption of their offering(s).
  • Employer decision-makers, iincluding the employer and the employer’s advisors/health plan administrator, seek MedWorks perspective to rationalize their benefit spending usually focused on rationalizing their medical, pharmaceutical, health and wellness, and onsite care strategies.
  • Care providers seek MedWorks input on improving care payment processes and strategies to better serve benefit buyers.
Whenever innovators recognize their proposed changes will affect multiple industry sectors, MedWorks can help prioritize alternative courses of action while anticipating who may block or delay program adoption.


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Tel: 336-587-7680

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Tel: 610-745-6507

Gerry Stanley

Tel: 402-320-5902




Offices: 4509 Kenbridge Drive

Greensboro, NC  27410

Tel:  336-587-7680


Art Taft 

Chris Lovell

Gerry Stanley

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